My projects

Here I will list all my OpenSource projects, I hope to have time and chances to release more projects in the future.

  • Inquisition: a bash tool to optimize CSS files.
  • Bootstrap 3 for Drupal 7: it is a basic implementation of the famous front-end framework “Bootstrap” into a Drupal 7 theme, I’m still developing this and my aim is to keep it as simple and closer to the base Bootstrap theme as possible so it can forked and modified as necessary.
  • Foundation-Jekyll (fork): Zurb Foundation for Jekyll is a blank starter site built using version 4.x of ZURB’s Foundation Framework, the Jekyll static site generator and Grunt for build/deploy automation.
  • Treebook: an example program developed following a course on Team Tree House (totally not recommended), I keep updating and modifying the project as exercise when I have time, I’ve integrated into it many free services to track gem status, build status, code quality and test coverage, there is a live version of the program on Heroku (see the GitHub page for more information).
  • CopyPasta: A simple tool inspired by my girlfriend, just select the text and let the content paste itself in the horrible grey box.