Magento error “getimagesize(): Read error!”

MagentoProbably is explicit or maybe not, but this error is what happen when there is an a file under the media/import directory that as an invalid size, usually you can spot these files because they occupy 0 bytes.

Removing or uploading them again fix the issue.

How can I find the broken files?

With a simple bash command:
find . -size -1 -exec ls -l {} \;



Magento Magereverse

MagentoHello everyone,
working on a Magento’s SQL error I found this pretty website,, it is a database diagram dedicated to Magento.
It is still in Beta but I find it very helpful to understand better the mess in the Magento Database.


Magento category childs

MagentoBack from holidays and with a simple task to be completed.

To check if a category as children categories you can use the simple method “getChildren()”, it return a coma separated list of all the categories IDs.

$cat_child_list = $this->getCurrentCategory()->getChildren();